Chilean Sphagnum Moss

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Hotline: 0911 865 866 Ms Duyên
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SIZE: 35 x 35 x 25cm


Sphagnum moss comes from bogs and is harvested, compressed and imported for use in the floral industry. There are many graded levels of sphagnum moss. The quality of sphagnum moss is relative to the length of the strands, how fluffy each strand is, and how much debris is packaged in with the moss. Accumulations of Sphagnum can store water; plants may hold 16–26 times as much water as their dry weight, and it can slowly spread into drier conditions. Chile is one of the best moss suppliers worldwide.

  • Neutrality makes growing orchids more efficient with Sphagnum moss.
  • Water retention prompts reduction in labour costs.
  • Fibrous and constant structure protects plants from harmful elements of decomposition.
  • Long, fluffy, open strands and good anti-bacteria ability provide great habitat for roots.


Contact for more information 

 0911 865 868 - Mr. Son

 0911 865 866- Ms.Duyen

0911 862 886- Mr.Tung

Director- Ho Chi Minh branch: 0913 837 342- Mr. Viet


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Chilean Sphagnum Moss

Chilean Sphagnum Moss

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