Eco Bark Pine Bark 70 Litres

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Pine bark is known as a potting mix with high nutritional value, which is suitable for various plants especially orchids, ornamental plants, vegetables, agricultural high-value crops, and several prominent advantages compared to conventional substrates.

Eco Footprint is distributing a brand new kind of substrate made of bark with several advantages compared to conventional substrates. 



Produced by European Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and exclusive distributed worldwide by Eco Footprint.



- Produced from 100% pure New Zealand pine radiata bark, purchased from wood processing plants. Therefore, Orchiata Pinus Radiata Bark is produced without harming the environment.

- Has natural brown/red/orange color due to its natural mineral content - iron oxide, causing no environmental harm.

- Manufactured by top qualified systems; products quality is ensured by strict control procedures at every processing stage.



- Sterilized (plant quarantine certificated) and nutrients added; enhance plants growth rate.

- Provides standard sizes which are suitable for different kinds of plants.

- Protect root systems from dried/waterlogged surface due to the rapid drainage, good moisture, light weight and spongy structure.

- Provide ideal habitat for orchids, organic vegetable and high-value crops; provide various standard sizes which are suitable for different species.

- Provide long reusable time: 2-3 years


Standard sizes of Orchiata Pine Bark (New Zealand)

♦ 10-15mm, suitable for Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilums and Phalaenopsis.

♦  12-20mm, suitable for Cymbidiums, Dendrobium species and Oncidium.

♦  15-20mm, suitable for Cattleya, Vanda, Cymbidiums, Dendrobium, etc.


Contact for more information 

 0911 865 868 - Mr. Son

 0911 865 866- Ms.Duyen

0911 862 886- Mr.Tung

Director- Ho Chi Minh branch: 0913 837 342- Mr. Viet



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