Orchiata Pine Bark 40 Litres

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Recently, using substrate has become a popular way for growing orchids, ornamental plants and high value crops. Moreover, substrate is used in agriculture such as growing fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and other agricultural crops.

Foreseeing the trend, Eco Footprint is importing, distributing and selling a substrate made of bark with several advantages compared to conventional substrates. 



Imported from New Zealand and exclusively distributed in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.



- Produced from 100% pure New Zealand pine radiata bark, purchased from wood processing plants. Therefore, Orchiata Pinus Radiata Bark is produced without harming the environment.

- Manufactured by top qualified systems; products quality is ensured by strict control procedures at every processing stage.

- Has natural brown/red/orange color due to its natural mineral content - iron oxide, causing no environmental harm.

- Protect root systems from dried/waterlogged surface due to the rapid drainage, good moisture, light weight and spongy structure.

- Sterilized and nutrients added; enhance plants growth rate.

- Cost below market prices; save labour cost

- Provide long reusable time: 2-3 years

- Provide ideal habitat for orchids, organic vegetable and high-value crops; provide various standard sizes which are suitable for different species.



♦ 3-6mm, smallest size used mainly for orchid plant tissue bottle trees, nursery Keiki, strawberries, vegetables, decorative flowers.

♦  6-9mm, suitable for Paphs, Paphiopedilum, small Cymbidium, orchids requiring large amounts of water.

♦  9-12mm, used for mature Cymbidium and other kinds of mature orchid.

♦  12-18mm, suitable for planting mature Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dai Chau

♦  18-25mm, suitable for large Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Dai Chau.


Contact for more information 

 0911 865 868 - Mr. Son

 0911 865 866- Ms.Duyen

0911 862 886- Mr.Tung

Director- Ho Chi Minh branch: 0913 837 342- Mr. Viet

Email: info@ecofootprint.vn

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